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    • 2016 NHL Entry Draft: Vancouver Canucks Recap
      The Vancouver Canucks entered and left the 2016 NHL Entry Draft with 6 draft picks.  #5, #64, #140, #154, #184, and #194. With the 5th overall selection, the Canucks selected Finnish defenseman Olli Juolevi.  Juolevi had a breakout year in his OHL rookie season, helping the London Knights win a Memorial Cup and helping his Finnish national team win the U-20 World Junior Hockey Championship.  Along the way, Juolevi set a tournament record in the WJHC for points by a draft-eligible defenseman with 9, breaking Ryan Ellis' record set in 2009.  He also led his team in ice-time and was named to the tournament's all-star team. Juolevi is described as an excellent skater and likely the best passing defenseman available in this year's draft.  He has excellent stick work and reads the play well in his own zone.  He does, however, need to improve his strength to handle players in front of the net and along the boards, but that can be said of the majority of 18-year-old defenders. Despite being ranked in the top 10 by most scouts and the top 5 by some, the crowd let out a collective gasp as Canucks GM Jim Benning announced that they were selecting Juolevi.  Many expected the Canucks to select fellow London Knight Matthew Tkachuk, who went one selection later to division rival Calgary.
    • 3 Days.... before turning 10 years of existence
      we are stalled but we'll be back active when hockey restarts!
    • 3 Days.... before turning 10 years of existence
      happy 10 years CTN!  stay on the grind Luc. and I agree!! gaming for me has changed too.. i think my boy plays something on the ps4 more than i do now lol.. and if i have time to play... id rather sleep hahaha  NHL 17 ehhh. lol. hopefully it brings back some sort of onlineGM.. i gotta admit. i do miss GMC lol. that was fun times
    • 3 Days.... before turning 10 years of existence
      Soon we'll be turning 10 years of existence. We've been busy and quiet but i'm not ready to let go this project down anytime soon. NHL 17 looks more polished and maybe just maybe it will help us grow and be more busy. Like everything life has changed for me  getting married having kids, the priority changes. I'm looking for someone who would help me the run the website on a daily basis. Anyway more updates to come with NHL 17! Thanks for the years guys! Luc.
    • ECHL joins NHL 17
      So many features that I want are being included this year ...  Unfortunately, as it's EA, I have to assume each and every one of them is broken until proven otherwise 
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