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    • Sim Games
      By Snapshot999 · Posted
      I am going to get your games simmed today I got the files Mike never sent lines so I assume he did them all in the file I received so I will not be able to take anymore changes.
    • Sim Games
      By Snapshot999 · Posted
      I don't have everything I need to sim so we will have to try tomorrow night sorry guys
    • NHL View NG (Works with PS3/360)
      By rcb031 · Posted
      any more info on this, Dan? Probably the only way I'll gain any interest in this franchise again
    • NHL 16 EASHL Beta Opens Next Week For NHL 15 Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Users
      By DollarAndADream · Posted
      2v2's is what I do most of the time, and depending on who I play I have a lot of fun doing them. I've done 2v2's for years, mostly because I have a work buddy who's always down to play because we fit the same schedule. As long as we don't face a team full of cheesers then it's fun. If we do face cheesers, then it's basically me as a centerman shutting it down the whole game while my winger tries to score on the breakouts that they leave. It's successful most of the time. The worst thing is when there's nobody on, like right now on NHL 15. Whenever it's playoffs especially, it takes forever to find a game and when we find one it's an elite team of 5, so we have to do 2v5 and I'd rather do that then to not play at all. But what I'm getting to as being the worst thing, is when you find those teams of 5 and they're all glitchers. Every single one of them just does that wrist shot or they do the one-timer, skate across the net goal that always works as well. It's just impossible to defend when the whole team of 5 is glitching while I'm on a team with myself and another guy. Sometimes we can defend it all game, but that's not fun. When I'm defending glitch shots the whole game it just feels like I'm working and not actually playing.   I just wish there was created teams this year. This year we have to pick a jersey that's in the game, and I guess that's not horrible because there's so many jerseys, but still. If we could create jerseys, then that would give them the option to add in little customizations like Rocket League like you said. What I love about Rocket League is that it's always an even playing field, and skill is what matters. If you get scored on, it's almost always your fault and you can see what you did wrong for why it happened. Unless you lag of course. In NHL right now when you get scored on, a lot of the time you can blame it on the game. Especially the times when you're standing in the exact position to intercept the pass, and it goes through you for no reason. Or when you're beside a guy in the perfect stick lift position and you high stick him instead, or it lifts the stick and they just get it right back and keep going. I especially hate it when there's a guy behind me in no position at all to stick lift, and he does it anyways and it works somehow.
    • Sim Games
      By Snapshot999 · Posted
      I will be doing this weeks games just waiting on the lines from mike & I will sim them
    • EASHL Player Classes
      By ScotchJAWZ · Posted
      I would honestly be fine with it all being scaled to the old rookie card level.
    • EASHL Player Classes
      By MartindalexC · Posted
      They obviously spent a lot of time on the write ups of these classes.   "Snipers have strong shooting abilities." Well goddamn... But I will say that if the pictures are of the players the 'classes' are being based off, the overalls that people will be using will be centred around the mid 80s. 
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