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    • MartindalexC  12 Jun 10:07 PM
        I totally don't need it to rant at all
    • ScotchJAWZ  13 Jun 04:57 AM
        Fucking PSN. . .
    • MartindalexC  13 Jun 11:59 PM
        Rip shoutbox
    • Luc Wolfe  14 Jun 04:14 AM
        85 hockey video games on ctn
    • ScotchJAWZ  25 Jun 07:19 AM
        ~echo~()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) o - o - o - o
    • ScotchJAWZ  26 Jun 11:20 PM
        zero members online during NHL draft.... RIP CTN
    • n00bxQb  27 Jun 02:30 AM
        I'm online
    • n00bxQb  30 Jun 06:40 AM
        Y U PPL NO ONLINE?
    • n00bxQb  30 Jun 05:17 PM
        @Scotch: DW does realize that Jones isn't that good, right?
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Jul 01:30 AM
        @n00b: i don't think he is 1st round pick good, but Jones > Talbot/Lack/Lehner. Steep price, but i can see Jones becoming a solid starter. Not ready to label him that yet, and i hope Stalock gives him a push.
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Jul 01:31 AM
        Make the fucking playoffs and i'm fine with giving up the 1st
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Jul 01:32 AM
        How bout that Saad trade? @MartindalexC
    • n00bxQb  01 Jul 03:49 PM
        That Saad trade was brutal
    • n00bxQb  01 Jul 05:06 PM
        :lol: Kessel return
    • n00bxQb  02 Jul 12:23 AM
        Benning ... WTF?
    • n00bxQb  04 Jul 05:32 AM
        Happy Independence Day to our American friends
    • ScotchJAWZ  04 Jul 07:59 PM
        @n00b: Benning and Linden are cleaning house. Nucks in on Matthews this year?
    • ScotchJAWZ  04 Jul 08:00 PM
        Rebuild over in SJ. Roster looks pretty solid for next season, though.
    • n00bxQb  06 Jul 04:17 AM
        I don't think we're bad enough to be in on Matthews or any of the top 3 picks. I have no idea what's going on, though.
    • Koplyoussev  07 Jul 07:45 AM
        toronto, edmonton, sj, buff and nj bottom five nhl 15-16 season.
    • ScotchJAWZ  07 Jul 06:35 PM
        @Koplyoussev: Trippin! SJ are a playoff team. Barely managed to tank into the bottom 10 last season. Roster has had a lot of dead weight cut and added a couple solid Vets. Defense is solid. Enough Forward depth to run two "3rd" lines. Only question mark is goaltending, and i'm confident that a tandem of Jones/Stalock is an upgrade over 60+ games of Niemi.
    • ScotchJAWZ  07 Jul 06:41 PM
        Arizona, Toronto, Carolina, New Jersey, Colorado/Edmonton
    • ScotchJAWZ  10 Jul 08:26 PM
        *tumbleweeds* øºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºøºø *tumbleweeds*
    • n00bxQb  11 Jul 06:28 AM
        Where the heck has Connor been? His team is being dismantled and nothing
    • Koplyoussev  13 Jul 09:37 AM
        @ScotchJAWZ: how have you been? I hope all well. SJ made some nice additions indeed in Martin, Ward. Unfortunately SJ will be in bottom 5 this season; goaltending of Jones/Stalock will be one of worst tandems in league. If SJ is lucky, they'll end up 3rd in Pacific (weakest division out of 4) because they won't be able to get in via wildcard; I think 5 Central teams make it in West.
    • ScotchJAWZ  13 Jul 08:20 PM
        @Koply: Been good, man! Hockey withdrawals kicked in last week, though... Summer sucks, eh? Hope all is well on your end, too! I think Jones/Stalock will be fine. Stalock has more to show at this level, had a rough year(as did the entire team), but i feel good about both him and Jones having breakout seasons. They were both beasts in their first full NHL years: Stalock(24 GP - .932 SV% - 1.87 GAA) Jones(19 GP - .934 SV% - 1.81 GAA). Even with the down year, that saw both of their clubs miss the
    • ScotchJAWZ  13 Jul 08:21 PM
        lol... shout limit cut me off
    • ScotchJAWZ  13 Jul 08:25 PM
        Anyway, they're league average at the very least. Sharks will challenge for the division this season. Kings are a tire fire, idk wtf Canucks?, Oilers aren't there yet, Flames and Sharks improved, and the Ducks got Hagelin + FA junk.
    • ScotchJAWZ  13 Jul 08:26 PM
        And @n00b: The pain must be Sharp and making Connor Saad...
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:49 AM
        Ducks will easily be the class of the Pacific. Flames, I don't know, I think they regress. I don't like their forward group.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:49 AM
        They had a lot of come-from-behind wins last season, horrible advanced stats, and insane contributions from their backend.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:51 AM
        Kings, tire fire. Gaining Lucic is a plus, I guess, but losing Williams, Stoll, Voynov, Sekera, and Regehr will hurt. The Mike Richards thing will be a huge distraction and is preventing them from signings FAs.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:53 AM
        Canucks surprised me last year (8th best in the league somehow). I think losing Bieksa will hurt. Richardson was an asset when he was healthy, but that was rare. Kassian was great at times but invisible most of the half-season he played. Matthias, meh.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:54 AM
        Matthias scored 10 of his 18 goals off breakaways and odd-man rushes. 1 EN goal. The guy was a complete offensive black hole when set up in the O zone.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:56 AM
        Oilers still have to prove themselves. Chia has improved the team, but their weak points are still question marks. Bottom 6, defense, and goaltending. How will Talbot fare behind that Oilers defense?
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:57 AM
        Barring a miracle, Arizona will definitely finish last.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:59 AM
        Sharks somewhere in the middle. I don't like their defense or goaltending, but their top forwards can match anyone. Unfortunately, DeBoer is a god awful coach and they still have Doug Wilson, who everyone on the team seems to hate. I'm guessing 3-5 finish in the division.
    • ScotchJAWZ  14 Jul 03:04 AM
        Vlasic - Braun(one of the best shutdown pairs in the league), Martin - Burns(Steady top 4 defensive D and a BEAST trigger man), Dillon - Mueller/Tennyson(Dillon is a damn good #5 and Mueller is a helluva prospect). I honestly think that is the best defense the Sharks have had in nearly a decade. Outside of Calgary, i don't see a better top 6 in the Pacific.
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 07:55 PM
        Guess who's back... back again...
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 07:56 PM
        Saad is a greedy pos though
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 07:58 PM
        The Saad trade wasn't that bad tbh
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 07:59 PM
        if anything it was fair, who knows how much playing with Toews and Hossa (without fail) inflated his stats
    • ScotchJAWZ  14 Jul 08:04 PM
        At least Desi took a fat discount He could have got 1.2-1.5 easy somewhere else.
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 09:19 PM
        Desi is fucking awesome for doing that, one of the few players that aren't fucking greedy
    • MartindalexC  17 Jul 02:12 PM
    • Koplyoussev  22 Jul 12:09 PM
    • Koplyoussev  22 Jul 12:09 PM
    • ScotchJAWZ  22 Jul 10:47 PM
        I like it as a stand alone page
    • ScotchJAWZ  22 Jul 10:48 PM
        #RenameItAsLockerRoomAgain #ItSoundsCooler
    • Koplyoussev  23 Jul 03:41 PM
    • Koplyoussev  23 Jul 07:13 PM
        so.. nhl16 on ps3 ('nhl legacy') will have GM connected. basically it's nhl15 with updated rosters... any takers here for GMC nhl16 ps3?
    • ScotchJAWZ  25 Jul 04:49 AM
        Old gen is officially dead. I would sell and trade up while those consoles still hold a little value on the 2nd hand market. Old gen game releases will start to phase out in 2016.
    • ScotchJAWZ  26 Jul 01:31 AM
        Looking to create a forum-based "GM Connected". Check out the thread in the open forum
    • ScotchJAWZ  27 Jul 01:38 AM
        If anyone has a PS4 and wants to play the beta with a few of us on CTN, lmk! I can lace you up! ....i think
    • MartindalexC  27 Jul 02:39 AM
        #BringBackTheShoutBoxToTheFrontPage / #RenameTheShoutboxAsTheLockerRoomAndBringItBackToTheFrontPage
    • Koplyoussev  27 Jul 07:33 AM
        Scotch I have ps4, since a while (actually got nhl15 on ps4 first, but did not like the game that much without the GM connected mode). I was in a 'forum based GM connected' (all Euro players) last year for a bit, but it was completely different without the trades, draft etc
    • Koplyoussev  27 Jul 07:34 AM
        let me know on pm on here for the beta version though - especially if there are a few on here that are looking to play in a team in the beta version
    • ScotchJAWZ  27 Jul 10:21 PM
        @Kopy: 4sure! As long as you have a primary account with Playstation Plus, i can't think of anything that would prevent it from working.
    • Koplyoussev  28 Jul 06:22 AM
        @scotch yeah I have a primary account with playstation plus
    • MartindalexC  29 Jul 07:26 PM
        Anyone here rolling with windows 10 already?
    • ScotchJAWZ  29 Jul 08:36 PM
        Mac snob
    • MartindalexC  29 Jul 08:53 PM
    • MartindalexC  30 Jul 06:33 AM
        Beta has dropped on XB1 I believe
    • ScotchJAWZ  30 Jul 06:56 AM
        So, based on what is possible over on the XB1.... If anyone wants the beta, look up my PSN profile... It will be under "Recent Activities" after i download it. Open beta is open..
    • Luc Wolfe  30 Jul 01:24 PM
        Wheres my beta!
    • Luc Wolfe  30 Jul 05:42 PM
    • Luc Wolfe  30 Jul 06:13 PM
        chatbox is now featured on the bottom on the main page!
    • ScotchJAWZ  30 Jul 11:17 PM
        Twitter troll was prophetic
    • n00bxQb  31 Jul 04:23 AM
        SCOTCH, Y U NO PM ME?
    • n00bxQb  31 Jul 04:25 AM
        @Luc: I see no chatbox at the bottom of the main page
    • Luc Wolfe  31 Jul 12:17 PM
    • MartindalexC  31 Jul 11:23 PM
        Top of page pls
    • ScotchJAWZ  31 Jul 11:51 PM
    • ScotchJAWZ  31 Jul 11:52 PM
        I see a space for it at the bottom, but it's just blank.
    • Luc Wolfe  01 Aug 12:04 AM
        Start posting more and ill consider it.
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Aug 12:04 AM
        ok, i see it now
    • Luc Wolfe  01 Aug 12:04 AM
        Fixed the main page too!
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 01:10 AM
        It should be at the top!
    • MartindalexC  01 Aug 02:32 AM
        top pls
    • MartindalexC  01 Aug 02:32 AM
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 03:42 AM
        Hopefully the NHL will announce a vs winter classic!
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 03:42 AM
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 03:42 AM
        ^^^^^ Is gonna be sweet
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 03:45 AM
        Is the Beta any good? I wanted to try but I was considering buying an xbox one because of Forza horizon 2
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Aug 06:18 AM
        why? you don't have a tv that displays 1080p? lol
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Aug 07:04 AM
        Gotta say, having a lot of fun with the "new"/revamped EASHL. Less cheese, more fun. Tune the defense up a bit and EA might have something here.
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 08:14 AM
        I do but xb1 isn't terrible, and I like forza, but Im gonna get ps4 first
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Aug 09:06 AM
        It isn't terrible. I like a lot of the multitasking and other features. My buddy has The Witcher 3 on X1 and the difference between the consoles is noticable. X1 looks blurry in the distance and up close lacks on fine details. The fps is what really sets the two apart.
    • Luc Wolfe  01 Aug 12:26 PM
        I cant wait to try the beta....camping is fun though
    • n00bxQb  01 Aug 09:16 PM
        Beta will be over by the time you get back :P
    • Luc Wolfe  01 Aug 10:23 PM
    • MartindalexC  01 Aug 10:58 PM
        Fortnite alpha keys available if anyone wants one?
    • HailRetroFPS  02 Aug 02:57 AM
        The Philadelphia Flyers will win the Stanley Cup next season. They are hands down the best team ever and are the best defensive, and offensive squad in the league.
    • Luc Wolfe  02 Aug 12:23 PM
        Lol no. Will miss the playoffs for a 2nd straight season
    • Luc Wolfe  02 Aug 03:24 PM
        I would like to thanks all the members for the great run we had... It was fun!
    • HailRetroFPS  03 Aug 12:53 AM
        Whats going on Luc? ^^
    • HailRetroFPS  03 Aug 01:47 AM
        Luc should we be worried? ^^^^^^
    • Luc Wolfe  03 Aug 03:49 AM
        LOL no
    • Luc Wolfe  04:01 PM
        It was an August fools joke
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    • WSHL - Weekly Power Rankings
      By Ron Burgundy · Posted
      WSHL Weekly Power Rankings Week 4 1. Kelowna Wild Fire - The Kelowna Wildfire are currently riding a 4 game winning streak and have managed to dominate all the leagues best teams. Going on to beat Las Vegas, Winnipeg and Airdrie this past week. Including doubling up on the Denver Wolves. Kelowna has been a wrecking machine and will no doubt continue to roll. Kelowna was able to shut out the once first place Winnipeg Bombers this past Saturday. Leaving a statement that they are not to be messed with when it comes to winning the league this year. 2. Norrkoping HC - It was very hard to choose between Norrkoping and Kelowna for first place as these teams have been dominating lately, Norrkoping continues to score goals like mad men and are proving to be a very resilient team. They are now 8-7-0 and just a week and a half ago were 3-7-0 so they have had quite the turn around on their season. Play offs is basically a lock as long as they don't completely tank over the next half of the season. They have scored 18 goals in the past 5 games and thats a season high as they progress into more of an offensive styled game. 3. Vancouver Rampage - Vancouver has come out of this week at third which is a big improvement from starting out at fifth just a week ago. For a team that started this season 2-4-1 they have had a remarkable comeback this season. Going on to beat Denver and Winnipeg in 4-1 victories. While they managed to squeak out a 2-0 win against the injury plagued Airdrie Storm. They continue to roll on and we are not surprised as they were very dominant last season as well.  4. New Jersey Ice Killers - New Jersey has finally started to pick up their game and are currently on a 2 game win streak which is pretty good and is someting they can build off increasing their point lead over other Eastern teams. They have managed to win 2 tight games against Moscow and Halifax, both teams who are trying to find their own this season. New Jersey continues to dominate other East teams and here we are hoping it continues. 5. Airdrie Storm - Airdrie has been through a rough patch this season as they have been winning one game then losing one but despite getting shut out by Vancouver they have had two big wins against Las Vegas and Denver. Against Las Vegas they had a struggling power play once again despite having many chances to score. Although they have had a big amount of short handed goals including two against the Wolves to take the victory.  6. Barcelona HC - They have lost their past 2 games in over time but they managed to come out and put on an impressive 1-0 against the east leading New Jersey Ice Killers, yup I get tired of hearing it too. Point is they have been solid despite dropping the past two games in over time to the slumping Shamrocks and beating the red hot Norrkoping HC team. So ya.  7. Las Vegas Road Runners - How do you rate a back and forth team like the Las Vegas Road Runners. Cause they are turning themselves from running away with it to road kill in the beat of a second. How do you go from winning 5-0 to losing 3-1? I'm not sure but they need to figure out their consistency issues much like other teams in this league. But don't be fooled for a second, this is a championship winning team. And Mike Carter is the all around genius of WSHL.  8. Halifax Reapers - This team seems to have taken on the quality of sharing too much, and its stopping them from being a true contender in this league. Unable to attain any good win streaks this season they sit with a record of 7-8-0 and have lost their past 2 games against New Jersey and Norrkoping. How ever both teams are red hot, but this is no excuse. Halifax needs to get something going and fast.  9. Moscow Red Czars - With a team with so many seemingly talented "super stars" their cap issues haven't helped them when you consider how much they have struggled this season. I didn't think it was possible to tank when being so close to the cap but maybe I was wrong. But hey its not all bad.. they beat Toronto so I guess that's something to be um.... excited about? Probably not. 10. Toronto Shamrocks - "Hey tank!" ''Who said that?" GM Murphy - "Come over here to tank city, we need more of you leaders to show the rest of us what losing feels like!" We would not be surprised if these are the conversations that GM Murphy has has this season as his team is now last place in the league and their last win was an over time win. in fact 2 of their 3 wins have been in overtime this season! So what does that tell you? 11. Denver Wolves - It continues to seem like some of the leagues top teams are coming back down to earth after seemingly solid starts to the season. Denver started the season 8-6-1 and has now gone on to get doubled up by Kelowna and Airdrie. As well getting quadrupled up on by a team they have always beaten in the Vancouver Rampage. Denver must turn something around tonight against the slumping Roadrunners in order to change their fate heading into this crucial stretch of the season.  12. Winnipeg Bombers - Man what can we say about the Bombers? This is the same story from last season, lose one lose four straight. They are now the leagues most struggling team and their most recent games haven't helped. Getting dominated 4-1 by Vancouver then losing 5-0 to the Roadrunners for the second time this season. Things have got to change in Winnipeg, a team that was scoring seemingly at will has no turned into more then a bottom feeder in the course of a week, how ever are still third in the league in points due to a 9-1-1 start to the season. 
    • CTN Crashers
      By HailRetroFPS · Posted
      Hopefully can get on with u guys soon  
    • CTN Crashers
      By Koplyoussev · Posted
      Scotch join us we are 4 in ctn crashers in game now
    • CTN Crashers
      By ScotchJAWZ · Posted
      Luc, i sent a join request on my other account (Dilutingbabylon). Easier to change accounts than hop back and forth between clubs.
    • Team Needs Requests & Trading Block
      By HailRetroFPS · Posted
      Storm looking to move Blaine Alexander RW - 74, Roger Berch LW - 75, Ben Osterlund G - 77, 
    • CTN Crashers
      By Koplyoussev · Posted
      I'm online now
    • CTN Crashers
      By Luc Wolfe · Posted
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