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    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:05 AM
        NHL 13-14: Fictional players were awful, talent level dropped through the floor.
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:07 AM
        NHL 15 (PS3/X360): Fictional players roughly matched the level of real players, aside from real prospects being overrated causing a talent bump in years 2-7
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:07 AM
        But you could edit that out, so that was fine. Can't edit the fictional player generation
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:11 AM
        You getting this game, Scotch?
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:11 AM
        So, is SN HD really bad? Or is NHL network compressing the hell out of the signal?\
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:11 AM
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:12 AM
        Sportsnet is good
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:12 AM
        Miller Sv%: 0.0%
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:13 AM
        Wth NHLN... so blurry
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:14 AM
        Must be compressing it
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:17 AM
        I hate commercials
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:18 AM
        Yeah, commercials look great
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:18 AM
        Goldobin not invisible
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:23 AM
        Jones >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Niemi
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:25 AM
        Christ, Haley and McLaren on the PK....
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:25 AM
        Why the hell did DW bring McLaren back?
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:26 AM
        It's disgusting how many AHL 4th liners SJ have in the organization
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:26 AM
        Replace John Scott...
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:31 AM
        lol there you go Haley!
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:32 AM
        Did Scott need to be replaced?
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:34 AM
        Mike Brown is the only real face puncher we have. So... i guess..
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:36 AM
        Damn... Burnzie is lethal... even when is shot isn't
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:36 AM
        ah, Hertl's shin.
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:38 AM
        Watch Markstrom take Miller's job this year
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 02:42 AM
        That would be brutal with Miller's 12m on the books. Maybe Dallas would trade for him? lol I don't think they enough money invested in net this year...
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:44 AM
        Miller Sv%: 60%
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 02:46 AM
        Benning has already talked about re-signing Miller ... I can forgive trading Lack, who was pretty overrated albeit very likeable. But Markstrom is quite obviously better than both.
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 03:36 AM
        Jones has looked really good. Stalock in the 3rd?
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 03:37 AM
        Donskoi looks decent. Pretty good for a free prospect.
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 03:38 AM
        I think they want to give both Stalock and Jones full games before the season starts.
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 03:39 AM
        So happy Niemi is gone It feels so good! lol
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 03:40 AM
        Is that the same Donskoi that was in Florida's system?
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 03:41 AM
        Yup Dunno why they gave up on him. Was really good over in Europe, and has been a standout in camp.
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 03:59 AM
        6-1 in PPs, 0 goals ... GG
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 04:01 AM
        Vey is complete garbage. Can't believe we gave up Garrison to get him. Fuck
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 04:06 AM
        Hertl power
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 04:11 AM
        He has looked much better tonight
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 04:13 AM
        Hutton looks promising for you guys
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 04:14 AM
        Lol Burrows getting goated
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 04:14 AM
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 04:15 AM
        We're getting beat down
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 04:25 AM
        Last goal wins?
    • n00bxQb  23 Sep 04:35 AM
        I dislike 3-on-3 ... Possibly more than the shootout
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 04:42 AM
    • ScotchJAWZ  23 Sep 04:47 AM
        Skill show followed by another skill show
    • n00bxQb  24 Sep 01:07 AM
        HBD Luc!
    • Luc Wolfe  26 Sep 12:48 PM
        Thanks mate!
    • Luc Wolfe  28 Sep 12:59 AM
        so tired working in this basement!
    • n00bxQb  29 Sep 04:45 AM
    • HailRetroFPS  29 Sep 05:01 AM
        I got the NHL roster mod on East Side Manager 2015 and I absolutely love it, having such a blast with the game despite my limited time frame I have every night to enjoy gaming.
    • ScotchJAWZ  30 Sep 01:30 AM
        @n00bxQb: In Luc's basement?
    • ScotchJAWZ  30 Sep 01:32 AM
        Damn you, Murica! SN1 broadcast being aired at midnight on NHL network....
    • ScotchJAWZ  30 Sep 01:32 AM
        Must find good quality stream!
    • n00bxQb  02 Oct 02:28 AM
        This EDM-VAN game is pretty good. Oilers still playing Oilers defense, though. McLellan hasn't fixed that yet.
    • ScotchJAWZ  02 Oct 02:35 AM
        McLellan is overrated. He rode the pinnacle of SJ hockey and earned himself a great rep as head coach (despite never making it to the finals with a team that was a contender for 90% of his tenure). His system is fragile, it either works or gets wrecked. There is no in-between, and he is unable to make adjustments when the guy on the other bench has him figured out.
    • ScotchJAWZ  02 Oct 02:36 AM
        He's no savior for the Oil... that's for sure
    • Luc Wolfe  02 Oct 03:30 AM
        Oilers should be better this year still don't need to over hype everything that happened in the summer
    • n00bxQb  02 Oct 03:34 AM
        Well, it's hard to be worse. But I was expecting some improvement in their own zone. Canucks just dominated
    • n00bxQb  02 Oct 03:35 AM
        And that was without the our top 3 forwards and our top pairing.
    • n00bxQb  02 Oct 04:39 PM
        Bickell on waivers. Time to play the I told you so card
    • HailRetroFPS  02 Oct 09:37 PM
        Oilers should finish about 12th in the west
    • MartindalexC  02 Oct 11:35 PM
    • MartindalexC  03 Oct 02:36 PM
        Just one thing in defence of Bickell, he has been suffering from vertigo for a good while now
    • ScotchJAWZ  04 Oct 12:59 AM
        Did CHI actually think someone was going to help them out with a claim?
    • ScotchJAWZ  04 Oct 01:01 AM
        Vertigo from what? I've had vertigo from an ear infection... Shit is crazy! Feels like your eyes are spinning around in your eye sockets.
    • ScotchJAWZ  04 Oct 01:01 AM
        Bickell have concussion problems?
    • n00bxQb  04 Oct 07:37 AM
        THB now under 1 GAA. 16 shutouts in 35 games
    • MartindalexC  04 Oct 12:17 PM
        Kind of, don't think he's been diagnosed with a concussion but he's had vertigo for around the second round iirc
    • MartindalexC  04 Oct 11:40 PM
        since around*
    • ScotchJAWZ  05 Oct 07:09 PM
        LOL @ Flyers
    • ScotchJAWZ  05 Oct 07:10 PM
        n00b will be happy. Vey waived.
    • ScotchJAWZ  05 Oct 07:10 PM
        Donskoi makes Sharks squad
    • ScotchJAWZ  05 Oct 08:36 PM
        OMFG! 41 games!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha
    • n00bxQb  05 Oct 08:45 PM
        Would've rather sent Virtanen back to junior. Lazy, stupid penalties are worse than anything Vey does.
    • HailRetroFPS  05 Oct 09:06 PM
        MacDonald is gone! Hextall cleaning up Holmgrems mess! Go !
    • MartindalexC  05 Oct 09:38 PM
        Torres is such a piece of shit
    • n00bxQb  06 Oct 01:24 AM
        You're just saying that because he doesn't have eye lids.
    • HailRetroFPS  06 Oct 04:17 AM
        Torres is a piece of shit, I remember his 25 game suspension for the hit against Marian Hossa in the 2012 play offs, Chicago would have won that series had Arizona not had Torres.
    • n00bxQb  06 Oct 05:10 AM
        Benning is an idiot. Sigh
    • MartindalexC  06 Oct 08:18 AM
        idk, Crawford amongst others really shat the bed that round. I mean come on, fucking John Scott along with Lepisto, O'Donnell and Brunette were playing
    • HailRetroFPS  06 Oct 06:46 PM
        5 of the games went to OT
    • MartindalexC  06 Oct 08:25 PM
        And Crawford let in a lot of shitty ot goals
    • HailRetroFPS  08 Oct 12:39 AM
        GO HAWKS beat the shitty rags!
    • ScotchJAWZ  08 Oct 05:29 AM
        Baaaaah Kings Trollololololol
    • n00bxQb  08 Oct 05:55 AM
        Lucic what a moron
    • ScotchJAWZ  08 Oct 06:31 AM
        LA got thrashed. Lucic deserves at least a fine for that tantrum.
    • MartindalexC  08 Oct 09:59 AM
    • ScotchJAWZ  08 Oct 05:45 PM
        Yup... just a POS accident. DoPS is fucking joke! Can't even hit like that in the NFL, "accident"or not.
    • ScotchJAWZ  08 Oct 05:46 PM
        And Lucic... Still Trollolololol
    • HailRetroFPS  08 Oct 06:39 PM
        SJ I think could actually be very good in the west this year. Shitty coaching had them miss out last season
    • MartindalexC  08 Oct 07:18 PM
        Lucic says he didn't over step any line :laugh: :laugh:
    • n00bxQb  09 Oct 06:01 AM
        Sutter said it shouldn't have even been a penalty
    • ScotchJAWZ  04:22 PM
        So, the NHL declared headbutting as a legal play.... lol, nevermind the blatant interference and late hit. Apparently they couldn't find anything in the rule book to slap POS with. Lead with your head, i guess. Nothing wrong with headbutts in the NHL.
    • n00bxQb  08:40 PM
        Kings and Bruins have free reign. If Torres were on the Kings, he'd be playing right now.
    • n00bxQb  01:50 AM
        Wings killing the Leafs. I love how Sportsnet (aka CBC) keeps referring to the Leafs as a young, inexperienced team ... Ummm ... have you looked at their roster? 19/24 of their players are 25 or older guys.
    • n00bxQb  01:51 AM
        Detroit has more players under 25 at 8 ...
    • Luc Wolfe  03:26 AM
        Good i hate the leafs!
    • ScotchJAWZ  05:32 AM
        Kings suck....
    • n00bxQb  08:30 AM
        Don't tell that to the idiots in the media who keep predicting they're either #1 or #2 in the Pacific division Fucking team is a goddamn trainwreck
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