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    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:53 AM
        Canucks surprised me last year (8th best in the league somehow). I think losing Bieksa will hurt. Richardson was an asset when he was healthy, but that was rare. Kassian was great at times but invisible most of the half-season he played. Matthias, meh.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:54 AM
        Matthias scored 10 of his 18 goals off breakaways and odd-man rushes. 1 EN goal. The guy was a complete offensive black hole when set up in the O zone.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:56 AM
        Oilers still have to prove themselves. Chia has improved the team, but their weak points are still question marks. Bottom 6, defense, and goaltending. How will Talbot fare behind that Oilers defense?
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:57 AM
        Barring a miracle, Arizona will definitely finish last.
    • n00bxQb  14 Jul 01:59 AM
        Sharks somewhere in the middle. I don't like their defense or goaltending, but their top forwards can match anyone. Unfortunately, DeBoer is a god awful coach and they still have Doug Wilson, who everyone on the team seems to hate. I'm guessing 3-5 finish in the division.
    • ScotchJAWZ  14 Jul 03:04 AM
        Vlasic - Braun(one of the best shutdown pairs in the league), Martin - Burns(Steady top 4 defensive D and a BEAST trigger man), Dillon - Mueller/Tennyson(Dillon is a damn good #5 and Mueller is a helluva prospect). I honestly think that is the best defense the Sharks have had in nearly a decade. Outside of Calgary, i don't see a better top 6 in the Pacific.
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 07:55 PM
        Guess who's back... back again...
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 07:56 PM
        Saad is a greedy pos though
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 07:58 PM
        The Saad trade wasn't that bad tbh
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 07:59 PM
        if anything it was fair, who knows how much playing with Toews and Hossa (without fail) inflated his stats
    • ScotchJAWZ  14 Jul 08:04 PM
        At least Desi took a fat discount He could have got 1.2-1.5 easy somewhere else.
    • MartindalexC  14 Jul 09:19 PM
        Desi is fucking awesome for doing that, one of the few players that aren't fucking greedy
    • MartindalexC  17 Jul 02:12 PM
    • Koplyoussev  22 Jul 12:09 PM
    • Koplyoussev  22 Jul 12:09 PM
    • ScotchJAWZ  22 Jul 10:47 PM
        I like it as a stand alone page
    • ScotchJAWZ  22 Jul 10:48 PM
        #RenameItAsLockerRoomAgain #ItSoundsCooler
    • Koplyoussev  23 Jul 03:41 PM
    • Koplyoussev  23 Jul 07:13 PM
        so.. nhl16 on ps3 ('nhl legacy') will have GM connected. basically it's nhl15 with updated rosters... any takers here for GMC nhl16 ps3?
    • ScotchJAWZ  25 Jul 04:49 AM
        Old gen is officially dead. I would sell and trade up while those consoles still hold a little value on the 2nd hand market. Old gen game releases will start to phase out in 2016.
    • ScotchJAWZ  26 Jul 01:31 AM
        Looking to create a forum-based "GM Connected". Check out the thread in the open forum
    • ScotchJAWZ  27 Jul 01:38 AM
        If anyone has a PS4 and wants to play the beta with a few of us on CTN, lmk! I can lace you up! ....i think
    • MartindalexC  27 Jul 02:39 AM
        #BringBackTheShoutBoxToTheFrontPage / #RenameTheShoutboxAsTheLockerRoomAndBringItBackToTheFrontPage
    • Koplyoussev  27 Jul 07:33 AM
        Scotch I have ps4, since a while (actually got nhl15 on ps4 first, but did not like the game that much without the GM connected mode). I was in a 'forum based GM connected' (all Euro players) last year for a bit, but it was completely different without the trades, draft etc
    • Koplyoussev  27 Jul 07:34 AM
        let me know on pm on here for the beta version though - especially if there are a few on here that are looking to play in a team in the beta version
    • ScotchJAWZ  27 Jul 10:21 PM
        @Kopy: 4sure! As long as you have a primary account with Playstation Plus, i can't think of anything that would prevent it from working.
    • Koplyoussev  28 Jul 06:22 AM
        @scotch yeah I have a primary account with playstation plus
    • MartindalexC  29 Jul 07:26 PM
        Anyone here rolling with windows 10 already?
    • ScotchJAWZ  29 Jul 08:36 PM
        Mac snob
    • MartindalexC  29 Jul 08:53 PM
    • MartindalexC  30 Jul 06:33 AM
        Beta has dropped on XB1 I believe
    • ScotchJAWZ  30 Jul 06:56 AM
        So, based on what is possible over on the XB1.... If anyone wants the beta, look up my PSN profile... It will be under "Recent Activities" after i download it. Open beta is open..
    • Luc Wolfe  30 Jul 01:24 PM
        Wheres my beta!
    • Luc Wolfe  30 Jul 05:42 PM
    • Luc Wolfe  30 Jul 06:13 PM
        chatbox is now featured on the bottom on the main page!
    • ScotchJAWZ  30 Jul 11:17 PM
        Twitter troll was prophetic
    • n00bxQb  31 Jul 04:23 AM
        SCOTCH, Y U NO PM ME?
    • n00bxQb  31 Jul 04:25 AM
        @Luc: I see no chatbox at the bottom of the main page
    • Luc Wolfe  31 Jul 12:17 PM
    • MartindalexC  31 Jul 11:23 PM
        Top of page pls
    • ScotchJAWZ  31 Jul 11:51 PM
    • ScotchJAWZ  31 Jul 11:52 PM
        I see a space for it at the bottom, but it's just blank.
    • Luc Wolfe  01 Aug 12:04 AM
        Start posting more and ill consider it.
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Aug 12:04 AM
        ok, i see it now
    • Luc Wolfe  01 Aug 12:04 AM
        Fixed the main page too!
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 01:10 AM
        It should be at the top!
    • MartindalexC  01 Aug 02:32 AM
        top pls
    • MartindalexC  01 Aug 02:32 AM
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 03:42 AM
        Hopefully the NHL will announce a vs winter classic!
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 03:42 AM
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 03:42 AM
        ^^^^^ Is gonna be sweet
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 03:45 AM
        Is the Beta any good? I wanted to try but I was considering buying an xbox one because of Forza horizon 2
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Aug 06:18 AM
        why? you don't have a tv that displays 1080p? lol
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Aug 07:04 AM
        Gotta say, having a lot of fun with the "new"/revamped EASHL. Less cheese, more fun. Tune the defense up a bit and EA might have something here.
    • HailRetroFPS  01 Aug 08:14 AM
        I do but xb1 isn't terrible, and I like forza, but Im gonna get ps4 first
    • ScotchJAWZ  01 Aug 09:06 AM
        It isn't terrible. I like a lot of the multitasking and other features. My buddy has The Witcher 3 on X1 and the difference between the consoles is noticable. X1 looks blurry in the distance and up close lacks on fine details. The fps is what really sets the two apart.
    • Luc Wolfe  01 Aug 12:26 PM
        I cant wait to try the beta....camping is fun though
    • n00bxQb  01 Aug 09:16 PM
        Beta will be over by the time you get back :P
    • Luc Wolfe  01 Aug 10:23 PM
    • MartindalexC  01 Aug 10:58 PM
        Fortnite alpha keys available if anyone wants one?
    • HailRetroFPS  02 Aug 02:57 AM
        The Philadelphia Flyers will win the Stanley Cup next season. They are hands down the best team ever and are the best defensive, and offensive squad in the league.
    • Luc Wolfe  02 Aug 12:23 PM
        Lol no. Will miss the playoffs for a 2nd straight season
    • Luc Wolfe  02 Aug 03:24 PM
        I would like to thanks all the members for the great run we had... It was fun!
    • HailRetroFPS  03 Aug 12:53 AM
        Whats going on Luc? ^^
    • HailRetroFPS  03 Aug 01:47 AM
        Luc should we be worried? ^^^^^^
    • Luc Wolfe  03 Aug 03:49 AM
        LOL no
    • Luc Wolfe  03 Aug 04:01 PM
        It was an August fools joke
    • MartindalexC  05 Aug 04:08 AM
        Windows 10 is pretty slick so far
    • Luc Wolfe  05 Aug 10:43 PM
        im still waiting here ...
    • ScotchJAWZ  05 Aug 11:33 PM
        Like a baby Seal?
    • Luc Wolfe  06 Aug 12:00 AM
    • Luc Wolfe  06 Aug 12:01 AM
    • Luc Wolfe  06 Aug 12:01 AM
    • MartindalexC  06 Aug 04:50 PM
        So was I but I decided to download it from their main site
    • Luc Wolfe  08 Aug 01:42 PM
    • MartindalexC  13 Aug 10:50 AM
        I'm in uni!
    • Luc Wolfe  13 Aug 03:02 PM
        congrats bud!
    • MartindalexC  14 Aug 09:42 AM
    • HailRetroFPS  15 Aug 11:34 PM
        Man Kaner :/
    • MartindalexC  16 Aug 03:06 PM
        Allegations only
    • HailRetroFPS  17 Aug 04:29 AM
        will be alright next year, they got Daley, Dano and Panarin
    • Luc Wolfe  17 Aug 02:34 PM
        no they won't!
    • MartindalexC  17 Aug 03:38 PM
        And Tikhonov
    • HailRetroFPS  17 Aug 09:07 PM
        Morin, Ghost, Provorov, Konecny, Sanheim, Hagg, man we are gonna be great in a few seasons c: Lets go Flyers!
    • HailRetroFPS  23 Aug 05:39 AM
        GO Flyers!
    • HailRetroFPS  23 Aug 05:40 AM
        Hey Luc.... Sens aren't sensational, they are sensitively bad... :p
    • HailRetroFPS  23 Aug 05:40 AM
        Worst insult I have ever came up with lol
    • Luc Wolfe  23 Aug 05:47 PM
        wait and see what your Flyers will try to do this season.
    • HailRetroFPS  23 Aug 11:17 PM
        We won't do anything memorable I guarantee it!
    • MartindalexC  25 Aug 10:29 PM
        Anyone want to play fortnite with me tonight? I have an alpha code and no one to play with
    • HailRetroFPS  25 Aug 10:35 PM
    • HailRetroFPS  25 Aug 10:35 PM
        I just wanna know what it is lol
    • MartindalexC  25 Aug 10:49 PM
        Basically it's a zombie survival game, you destroy objects in the environment, then with the resources you have gathered you build a base to defend a 'gate' against waves of zombies. It's a fairly hefted dl iirc, something around 20+gbs I believe, not including the launcher itself.
    • MartindalexC  25 Aug 10:50 PM
    • HailRetroFPS  25 Aug 11:15 PM
        hell ya
    • ScotchJAWZ  26 Aug 08:10 PM
        350+ hours on Witcher 3. Platinum trophy achieved. .....Bring on New Game+ !
    • Luc Wolfe  27 Aug 07:37 PM
        No one wants to be in my tournament. ...
    • MartindalexC  28 Aug 05:26 PM
        Wait until the game drops
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