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  1. blog-0115510001380292964.jpgAfter the Oilers medical staff gave Ryan Kesler the green light to be back on the ice, the team now will be without center Tyler Bozak for roughly 4 games with a hand injury.  Bozak seemed to have injured his hand during a game versus the Winnipeg Jets in the new tick.


    So far this season, the team has been without one of their top 6 forwards in each tick, the Oilers are hoping that the injury bug will end sooner rather than later.

  2. Player Progression

    Hey guys, n00bxQb here once again bringing you another GMC/BAGM blog entry. This time, I’m covering player progression more in-depth since it’s a big mystery to a lot of people. Just a forewarning that I haven’t COMPLETELY figured out progression yet, but I’m going to give you as much information as I can as well as my personal theories based on the data I’ve collected so far.

    If you’ve played Be a GM or GM Connected, you’re probably well aware that EA Sports made some big changes to the player progression model this year and they didn’t really provide a whole lot of information to go alongside it. Players previously had potentials rated on a letter grade system for each individual category as well as experience-based progression. For the most part, the system was easy to figure out and you pretty much knew exactly how a player would progress. The new system for NHL 13 is a bit more random, although there are definite patterns.

    The new system uses a star-based potential as well as a star-based overall. The stars correspond to a particular Overall attribute range, seen in the table below:

    • 5.0 stars = 90 – 99 Overall
    • 4.5 stars = 85 – 89 Overall
    • 4.0 stars = 80 – 84 Overall
    • 3.5 stars = 75 – 79 Overall
    • 3.0 stars = 70 – 74 Overall
    • 2.5 stars = 65 – 69 Overall
    • 2.0 stars = 60 – 64 Overall
    • 1.5 stars = 55 – 59 Overall
    • 1.0 stars = 50 – 54 Overall
    • 0.5 stars = 36 – 49 Overall

    Under the potential column, you’ll also notice that the stars are colour-coded:

    • Green = Likely to reach or exceed potential range, unlikely to fall short
    • Yellow = 50% chance of reaching potential range, 50% chance of exceeding or falling short
    • Red = Likely to fall short or reach potential range, unlikely to exceed
    • White = 27 years of age or older (Can still progress or regress, just more likely to stagnate)

    With a few exceptions (i.e. Jonathon Blum, who is 4 stars to start despite 2.5 star potential, still continues to grow in some games), players can exceed or fall short of their potential range by up to 1 star (10 Overall).

    EA programmed in “breakout” years for NHL 13, which basically means that at some point between ages 19 and 25, players who are at or below their potential will have a sudden significant increase in their overall score one offseason. This doesn’t appear to be related to performance, ice time, or any other factor that I’ve seen rumoured on the internet. Generally speaking, and especially in GM Connected, the breakout year is most often at age 25.

    Players who have yet to reach their potential will generally continue to grow by a small amount each year until they break out. It’s a good idea to practice patience with these players and not panic because he’s 23 and still 68 overall despite a 4.5-star potential.

    When players progress, they now progress based on their player types. So, for example, Snipers generally have their shooting attributes increase, Playmakers get boosts to their passing, puck control, and offensive awareness, Defensive Defensemen see their stick checking, defensive awareness, shot blocking grow, etc. The process is still a bit random, so you won’t generally see 2 players of the same potential with the same player type end up with exactly the same attributes after they breakout, but you also won’t see DFDs become offensive weapons like you did in past NHL iterations unless said DFD happens to be a 4.5 star or better.

    So how can you use this information to your advantage? Well, in Be a GM, trading older players for several 23/24-year-olds can prove tremendously fruitful. You can also apply the same strategy in GM Connected on your ill-informed GMs. Snagging Restricted Free Agents under 25 is a good idea if they haven’t reached their potential as well. If you have several 24-year-olds who haven’t broken out yet and you know you won’t have a lot of cap space, it’s probably a good time to start planning for next season because you’re not signing everyone unless you make some moves to clear cap space.

    I’m still trying to figure out how older players progress or regress. From the data I’ve collected, playing the player in his intended role (i.e. playing a 2nd line forward on the 2nd line) certainly seems to help, although it’s not completely consistent. Performance also appears to play a role, although it seems to be tied relative to the other players on his team and how well the team as a whole does.

    Once again, thanks for reading!


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    Not that I am a fan of the mystical team that is the Edmonton Oilers but it is my hometown so i have to be a little concerned to the fact that they haven't done a damned thing. The Mc-T firing made me jump up and down for quite a while but it's been eerily quiet. Calgary, while making little moves has made a lot of noise... and thus scaring me into thinking that again, this year shall be no different, Calgary > Edmonton... Again


    My question is... where did the Oilers go...

    If I am not mistaken they are an NHL team and they will participate in Free Agency maybe they will make an awesome deal, but until then I am not sad nor mad nor happy that they are dead so far in the offseason.

    One more thing

    Stupid Oilers. -_-

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    I get up every day and come in this stupid office, I do accounting work, than after work i have to chase peeople down for money they owe me for renting stupid ghetto houses in the city. I have no car at the moment so I have to mooch off my fiance. :confused

    I love golf but i just flat out suck at it, and I tend to let people score with under 5 seconds in the period. That really annoys me. I should have a winning record in the PS3, but i'm two games under .500. If i miss the play offs, my PS3 is going through my Sony Bravia. SYKE! :toothless::pissed

    Now after reading me %$?$#% and complain do I feel I deserve some Symphathy. Nah, prolly not. I just need to vent, and I come to this site every day, just to check up on our league. It's a cool league.

    I'm looking forward to the new Green Day CD, but i have an odd feeling it's going to suck. Those guys used to be so damn cool, and now they just write medicore bullshit pop. Even there last record people made a huge deal about, and it my eyes it was just ok...... :rockon

    The Flyers are a bunch of clowns, they have so much talent but can't seem to beat the Pens ever!!! And now hopes of a cup down Broad Street is over....Poor Richie and Jeff. Those guys had killer seasons. :repuke:banana

    Anyway, I think i'm done with my can comment if you please, or just let me blog sit in the lonely blog-o-sophere of what is el


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    Day One Gone and Went

    Well, as most of you know now, the first day is all over with. Games were just flying yesterday and we started pretty rough overall as this team lost it's first 3 games only scoring in one of them. However, when players started learning how the others played, it jelled a little more and this team took off. There are some great players on this team and there will loads of wins to follow that up as well, however, there are some things that people are having a hard time with.

    Offsides are a downer to the game and slows the momentum so bad. Everyone up the ice is thinking the same thing, I am sure, that they are the lead guy so they should carry the puck. This should be cleared from your mind. Pay attention to the players that you are playing with. If you have a power forward on right wing and a grinder on left wing with a playmaking center, the center will be carrying the puck and you need to wait. This is something that is very annoying when trying to get a flow for the game.

    You just flat out don't have to shoot and deke every time you have the puck. There are a couple of games that I played where someone would try and take on the whole team and deke after deke and lose the puck.

    Anyways, we now sit ranked 92nd and our record is 21-14-0, so not too bad at all.

    Kyle Ollestad is leading the team in scoring with 17 pts in 9 games and I am currently the leading goal scorer with 7.

    Here are the stats so far...


    Ollestad, Kyle 9 7 10 17 3 0 68 kyleoll

    McGregor, Jim 8 7 4 11 -1 6 51 tcblcommish

    Ladouceur, Brent 10 5 3 8 4 10 53 sonicky

    Pampalon, Thomas 6 1 5 6 -1 8 71 atomas

    Hamill, Brandon 4 3 3 6 0 2 36 feel_it

    Landry, Dany 6 3 3 6 1 20 58 landthamanQC

    Wolfe, Luke 7 4 2 6 -8 6 137 lucwolfe

    Johns, Matt 7 2 3 5 -1 10 65 mattyjfrmpburgh

    Perron, Sylvain 3 2 3 5 4 0 13 syperron

    Tapp, Richie 8 2 3 5 3 12 85 tapper99

    Sansam, Scott 5 3 1 4 -1 13 63 blindbullet

    Laxer, Matthew 3 2 1 3 0 10 41 laxlyfe11

    LeClair, Shannon 2 2 1 3 -3 0 25 shannyboy

    Liddle, Ethan 1 0 2 2 1 2 10 lord_of_war

    Macedon, Chris 2 2 0 2 2 6 14 stogeydawg

    Rolston, Matt 1 0 1 1 -1 2 10 madmatt101

    Fontaine, Martin 3 1 0 1 -7 12 41 fiftypoker

    Mishler, Brian 1 0 0 0 -2 7 15 brian08

    Pampalon, Dominic 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 iq-000

    Thompson, Michael 4 0 0 0 -4 6 37 tea_bag_frenzy

    Great job so far... I will try to update the stats as much as I can but, sadly, the goalies stats are crappy. They just don't keep enough. Sad...

    As always, may all your shots be accurate.

    Until Next week....


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    Jen Wolfe
    Latest Entry

    Well.... I can't start off by saying how long it's been since I wrote here... because that would be a lie... so I'm not too sure what to say first... hmmm...

    This year is officially the first year ever of my entire life that I haven't had a March break. Ok, lets all conclude that life before school doesn’t count... HELP!! I feel like I need some time off so desperately I’m ready to set my computer (my work computer, of course) on fire!! Help...

    *rocks back and forth in the corner*

    I’ve been counting the days until this long Easter weekend! J’ai compté les dodos!! Well I’m not sure I’ll come back here this weekend so I wish you all a very Happy Easter filled with tons of chocolate! Forgive me, but I’m not all that religious and that’s all this holiday really is to me... hehe.

    Such a random post...

    Jen :Computer:

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  4. blog-0233553001354262185.jpgBAM!


    Now that I have your attention ... lol

    Not sure how interested any of you guys are in reading this but it will help fill the void that the real NHL lockout left me for now. Plus I can look back on my short little history in PHL so far heh... :)

    If I can entertain you guys with some fake NHL reporting news, all the better lol ... "LIVE from CrashTheNet!" *doo doo doot, doo doo doot*


    Season 1 Recap:

    Hi there and welcome to Anaheim, California.

    Big news as new general manager Obsideon has been handed the reins to the Ducks after seeing the team hovering on the bubble with a .500 record for most of the season.

    He immediately went to work on re-tooling the roster within the first week.

    To Anaheim: Okposo, Moulson, Streit, Bailey, 2014 - 2nd, 2015 - 2nd

    To NYI: Ryan, Fowler, Blake

    We have heard rumbling rumours of him on the block for most of last season and it is now official, sending young all-star Bobby Ryan with budding defenseman Cam Fowler over to last place Long Island in exchange for breakout player Matt Moulson & young powerforward Kyle Okposo. Josh Bailey was also included in the deal along with two 2nd round draft picks. Veterans Jason Blake (ANA) & Mark Streit (NYI) round out the trade to balance the cap issues. Moulson had a tremendous season for the Islanders. Last year he posted personal highs with 36 goals, 33 assists and will be relied on to fill the inevitable gap that Finnish legend Teemu Selanne (26-40-66) will eventually leave behind when he retires. Okposo will step right into Ryan's shoes as the young powerforward on the team. Bailey will slide in nicely centering the 4th line, he will be able to create chances with his speed and agility while heavy handed veteran Streit will provide stability on the backend.

    A couple weeks later Anaheim GM made another bold move.

    To ANA: Niklas Kronwall, Adrian Aucoin, Sergei Bobrovsky

    To CBJ: Luca Sbisa, Francois Beauchemin, Max Friborg, 2013 - 1st

    News circulating throughout the media is that GM Obsideon was getting increasingly frustrated with Dan Ellis's work ethic who was unable to reliably backup mainstay Jonas Hiller. Who was forced to play every game of the season leading to exhaustion in the playoffs where they were swept by eventual Stanley Cup champions, the Detroit Red Wings. In aquiring Bobrovsky they can now afford to rest Hiller and limit him to around 70 games for the upcoming season to hopefully keep his 33 year old legs fresh for the post-season. Also in the deal is hard-hitting 2-way defender Niklas Kronwall, notorious for his open ice hits, pairing him with offensive-minded players Streit or Souray could prove to be effective. It didn't come without a steep price though as they had to give up touted prospect Sbisa and top-4 defenseman Beauchemin along with the their 1st round draft pick.

    About a month later the phones were ringing once again at the Anaheim headquarters. Stories were buzzing that a superstar could end up in Disneyland. Anaheim and Philadelphia managed to hammer out a deal on the deadline!

    To ANA: Jason Spezza, Cal Clutterbuck, Chris Campoli

    To PHI: Kyle Okposo, Emerson Etem, Saku Koivu

    Apparently young powerforwards were just not working in Bruce Boudreau's system. First it was Bobby Ryan and now Kyle Okposo. In what would be the last trade for Anaheim this season they pulled off a blockbuster. Putting the struggling but brimming with potential Okposo and a star sniper in the making Emerson Etem together to pry superstar Jason Spezza from the 'City of Brotherly Love.' Clutterbuck will help to provide some much needed grit up front while still being able to chip in offensively and Chris Campoli will slot in the lower pairing of the defensive core. Koivu will most likely finish his career as a Flyer.

    The skill down the middle with "Big Getz" and "Smooth Spetz" forming a strong 1-2 punch in the top 6 is undeniable. Coupled with Perry's all-around talent and snipers Moulson and Selanne this should be a team to be reckoned with going down the stretch. The team made a strong push and managed hang on to the final seed in the West but not without suffering key casualties ... a rash of injuries occured...

    Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first round the 2013 NHL playoffs!

    This week we have the reigning President's Trophy winners, the Detroit Red Wings facing off against the Anaheim Ducks! Detroit cruised through the regular season with an impressive 61-12-9 record, narrowly beating out Eastern conference powerhouse Toronto Maple Leafs for the most points in the league. Anaheim is considered the heavy underdogs, they managed to cling on to the last spot in the Western Conference by holding off the hard-charging Avs. The Wild had a hold on the 7th seed in the final week leading up to the post-season but with only 1 game scheduled in the final week and losing to last years Champions, the LA Kings, they could only sit idly by and hope that Anaheim or LA did not win any of their last 3 games in-hand to have a berth in the playoffs, but both teams managed to squeak out wins to qualify for the playoffs. Anaheim is finally back since missing out last season. It was a tight race up to the wire which saw a game of musical chairs vying for the last 2 spots with 6 different teams seperated by a mere 2 points.

    Our matchup this evening featuring the perennial contenders, the Red Wings up against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim is not without underlying stories.

    Without a doubt the biggest story coming out of this round has got to be the mounting injuries both teams have had to deal with going into the post-season. This will be a battle of attrition!

    Anaheim was lucky enough to have their defensive corp back in the line-up just in time with both Bryan Allen and Adrian Aucoin missing games last week. They are already without speedy 2-way center Andrew Cogliano who has a fractured collarbone but the big news is Teemu Selanne. The Finnish Flash suffered a concussion in the last game of the regular season and we will not know if he will be able to dress in the first round if at all. Selanne, who is the clubs leading playoff scorer and last seasons team point leader in the regular season will be a gaping hole in the offensive end that Anaheim will be hard-pressed to fill. We will just have to see if the deadline acquisition Jason Spezza from Philadelphia can step up his production in his new role behind Getzlaf. This is also a chance for young guns Kyle Palmieri & Matt Beleskey to break out!

    On Detroit's end, they have been struck even harder with the injury bug. Their entire top line of Ryan Kesler, Jaromir Jagr and Taylor Hall are on the shelf with various injuries and their status is unknown on if they will be able to suit up in this playoffs at all. They will also be looking at a couple of new faces to fill the void. Russian superstar Ilya Kovalchuk was traded to them in a huge blockbuster involving Magnus Paajarvi with a slew of other talented prospects. Kovy along with fan-favourite workhorse Chris Higgins and speedy center Darren Helm will have to carry the load. Having one of the games best offensive defenseman in Kris Letang holding down the backend definitely eases the pressure as well.

    In net it will Carey Price going head-to-head with Jonas Hiller, both of them must be exhausted after going the full mile of having played all 82 games in the regular season! Let's hope they have enough left in the tank to take their respective teams deep into Spring!

    Here we have it folks, stay tuned for Game 1!

    Round Recap

    Well folks that's the end of the first round between Detroit and Anaheim! The dominant Red Wings managed to sweep the tired-looking Ducks in the opening round of this years postseason making them the 1st team to be eliminated in the Western conference! Over in the East, Pittsburgh beat Washington 4-1 in a heated battle between the 2 best players in the world while the Habs pulled off a stunning upset over 3rd seeded Flyers!

    Jagr-meister makes a timely return just in time for the start of the series, he was a bit rusty but was still able to chip in with 1 goal on a power-move to the net and 2 assists. The big guns from either team were unusually quiet throughout this round, Kovalchuk was almost a non-factor, only filling the net once through 4 games. While the new-look top line of Moulson, Getzlaf and Perry from Anaheim clearly did not have enough time to gel after Selanne was injured in the last game of the regular season. The lack of chemistry was evident as they were held completely off the scoresheet. Carey Price really took his game to another level and was absolutely lights out! Blanking the Ducks in games 1 and 3 while maintaining a herculean 0.95 save% and sporting a 1.00GAA. Across the arena, Hiller's age really started to show and you could see the fatigue in his sluggish movements. Midway through game 4, Bruce Boudreau was planning to replace Hiller with young stud Sergei Bobrovsky but there was a "wardrobe malfunction" (stupid EA) so he was unable to take the ice, leaving Hiller to fend for himself for the rest of the game where he got bombed for 8 goals!

    In the absence of starpower, the other guys really stepped up for Detroit. Bombing from the point they got 1/3 of their goals from their dmen with James Wisniesky slamming home 3 goals. The real game-changers though was Detroit's 2nd line which combined for a total of 12 points. Long Island's favourite son Chris Higgins (2-2-4), Darren Helm (1-4-5) and Wayne Simmonds (3-0-3), that line alone tallied almost half of the entire team forwards points.

    Veteran winger Niklas Hagman and rugged forward Cal Clutterbuck tried to keep the Ducks in the game but it just wasn't enough against the disciplined Wings.

    The first 2 games in Hockeytown were fairly tight with Detroit pulling out victories 2-0 and 3-1 but with Price standing on his head and the lack of production from Anaheim's top line, it really put a damper on their morale and Detroit never let up, closing out the series at the Pond with a convincing 3-0 win in game 3 and a blowout in game 4.

    There was a scare halfway into the 2nd of game 3 when Corey Perry layed an open-ice hit on Brandon Sutter that left him on the ice for some time, with Ryan Kesler already out they could ill-afford to lose another top-line centre for any length of time. Thankfully he was able to be escorted off the ice on his skates but was unable to return to the game. Later in the same game at the start of the 3rd period, Matt Niskanen "took a puck to the knee", blocking Mark Streit's cannon from the blue line, he played through the pain for the rest of the game but was later diagnosed with a "lower body injury" and will be out of action for 7 games. Surprisingly Sutter was given the go by the medical staff to play Game 4 and he responded with 2 huge goals to finish the series.

    Let's take this to the locker room for some post-game interviews.

    Deon: Hi Teemu, tough exit to a great run in the regular season to gain a berth in the playoffs

    Selanne: Yeah I know, it was especially tough to watch from the sidelines because I really wanted to help and be with the team.

    Deon: I understand, here's the burning question, what will you do next season?

    Selanne: Ha... well I'll have to see how I feel, now with this concussion I'm not sure anymore, I will make my decision after the playoffs.

    Deon: Congratulations on moving on to the next round Cowboy!

    Price: *tips his hat* Heh ... thanks.

    Deon: You really put on a show out there, 2 shutouts in the first 3 games!

    Price: Well I owe it all to the boys in front of me y'know? JJ (Jack Johnson) & Kris really helped keep the front of the net clean and helped clear out the rebounds. Visnosvky, Wisniewski, MacDonald, they were all really solid. Unfortunately Niskanen was injured blocking a shot but that just shows how committed this team is y'know?

    That's it, until next season hockey fans!

    More to come following this exciting off-season! The NHL Draft and the ensuing Free Agent frenzy!

    This is Deon signing off for CTN News. Until next time!

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