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  1. Luc Wolfe added a post in a topic Looking For EASHL Team   

    I ot to get home first
  2. Luc Wolfe added a post in a topic Will you download the NHL 16 Beta?   

    And there goes Mike that votes.... No..... Why Mike Why???
  3. Luc Wolfe added a post in a topic Crashers line-up   

    Not a problem Justin just let me know your position and type of player.
  4. Luc Wolfe added a topic in EA Sports NHL series   

    Your thoughts on the beta
    So guys what are your thoughts on the beta?
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  5. Luc Wolfe added a topic in Ottawa Senators   

    Chiasson earns 1.2 million via arbritration
    Yeah he didn't win at all.... 
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  6. Luc Wolfe added a topic in CTN Crashers   

    Crashers line-up
    Crashers 2015-16 Line-Up

    Left Wing:

    Luc Wolfe (Playmaker)
    Right Wing:

    Left Defense:

    Right Defense:

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  7. Luc Wolfe added a topic in EA Sports NHL series   

    Will you download the NHL 16 Beta?
    Please vote and comment!
    I'm gonna download it for the ps4 but I'll be away for a few days which is a bummer but i'll have fun with the family instead!
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  8. Luc Wolfe added a post in a topic Our new Logo   

  9. Luc Wolfe added a topic in EA Sports NHL series   

    EASHL video | NHL 16
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  10. Luc Wolfe added a topic in EA Sports NHL series   

    EASHL Player Classes
    New to EA SPORTS Hockey League in NHL 16 is the ability to choose specialized player classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A good team should have a mix of these player classes, with each contributing to a team's success in different ways. This class system helps deliver a balanced competitive experience on the ice, where player skill and your ability to play as a team now determines who wins and loses hockey games.
    We will be using the EASHL Beta to help tune these classes, so make sure to give feedback on each one here. 

    The perfect class for when you need some scoring touch inserted into your lineup. Snipers have strong shooting abilities.Weaknesses:
    Lack physical strength and will depend on teammates to create space and scoring chances.Below average defensive skill.POWER FORWARD

    Excellent balance and strong on the puck. An effective player class for those who use the cycle game.A physical player that uses strength to open space for other teammates.Heavy slap shot.Weaknesses:
    Average shot accuracy.PLAYMAKER

    Top-end passing skill. The best choice for the EASHL player who likes to set up their teammates and create scoring chances.Good puck control helps this class keep possession of the puck while teammates look to get open for a scoring chance.Weaknesses:
    Lacks physical strength and can get knocked off the puck by stronger opponents.Average shot accuracy. This class should always look to make the pass before shooting.Average defensive skills.GRINDER

    High rated physical skills. This class works well for players who like to engage in the physical side of the game – including puck battles, shot blocking or deliver crushing hits.With a strong hand-eye rating, this class will have a higher chance at deflections in front of opposing goalies.Weaknesses:
    Below average shooting and puck skills. Needs to keep things simple on the offensive side of the puck.ENFORCER

    An imposing force with top rated physical skills. Can easily knock the puck off opponents by using checking skills.Top rated fighting skills that can help energize the team.  Weaknesses:
    Poor shooting and puck skills.Strong but not skilled.TWO-WAY FORWARD

    Has elements of both a playmaker and a grinder. An excellent player class for those who deploy a balanced attack strategy.Uses defensive skills to win puck battles and create turnovers which help the team in the transition game.Good passing skills which allow this class to set up teammates.Weaknesses:
    Good transition game but doesn’t excel on the offensive side of the puck compared to other classes.This class needs to keep their play simple on offense as they lack deking ability.TWO-WAY DEFENSEMAN

    This class provides a good balance of offense and defense from the blue line. They are an excellent player class for those who deploy a balanced attack strategy.Good at the transition game causing turnovers and getting a solid first pass out of the defensive zone.Weaknesses:
    Average shooting.Average puck control.OFFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN

    A good choice for those who want to generate offense from the back-end or are looking for a power play quarterback.Great shooting accuracy from the point.Great passing in all situations.Weaknesses:
    Lack physical skills on offense and can get knocked off the puck more easily than the average player class.Lacks physical skill on defense and will have trouble stopping opponents along the boards or in front of the net.DEFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN

    The perfect choice for when you want to shut down your opponent.High rated physical and checking attributes.Heavy shot from the point.Weaknesses:
    Average puck skills. This class can make simple breakout passes, but don’t expect them to act as a playmaker.Low shooting accuracy.BUTTERFLY GOALIE

    Covers the bottom part of the net utilizing the popular butterfly style.Strong rebound control.Weaknesses:
    More vulnerable to high shots going into the top corners.STAND-UP GOALIE

    A style that might be rare in today’s game, but could be extremely effective in EASHL. Covers the top part of the net more effectively.Can see over screens with a higher vision rating.Strong passing and puck playing ability that can help your team breakout of the defensive zone.Weaknesses:
    More susceptible to low shots that go along the ice.HYBRID GOALIE

    Average goalie skill across the board. This goalie class is perfect for the player that like to mix up their playing style as the game goes on.Weaknesses:
    No major weaknesses.
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  11. Luc Wolfe added a post in a topic Our new Logo   

    I said team logo didn't say it goes on the jerseys!
  12. Luc Wolfe added a topic in CTN Crashers   

    Our new Logo
    This is our new beta EASHL team logo!
    Will re work on the text part soon!

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  13. Luc Wolfe added a post in a topic Looking For EASHL Team   

    i'm in too!
  14. Luc Wolfe added a topic in EA Sports NHL series   

    NHL 16 Skater & Goalie Customization
    Skater Customization
    Watch the video below to get a closer look at skater customization in EASHL.

    Goalie Customization
    Watch the video below to get a closer look at goalie customization in EASHL.
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  15. Luc Wolfe added a topic in EA Sports NHL series   

    NHL 16 EASHL Beta Opens Next Week For NHL 15 Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Users

    EA Sports has just announced their plans to launch their NHL 16 EASHL beta, starting July 30 until August 6, forXbox One (including EA Access version) and PlayStation 4 users. If you purchased the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version and have upgraded to current-gen console, you have a chance to access the beta as well.Look here for the details. The beta will weigh in at roughly 5GB.
    Below are some notes from the NHL 16 EASHL beta FAQ.

    Will I be able to customize my player or goalie in the beta?

    Yes. You will be able to create a custom player in the EASHL beta. You will be able to edit a player or goalie’s general information, appearance, and equipment. Any creation or customization in the beta does not carry over to the full game. For more information on EASHL customization click here. 

    Will my player and team stats carry over to the main game?

    Player and team stats will not carry over to the main game when NHL 16 launches in September. However, individual & team skills you learn through this beta will! 

    Will I have to re-create my team when NHL 16 launches on September 15?

    Teams created in the beta will not carry over to NHL 16.

    Does a team need to have a full lineup to play a game?

    No, you can play an EASHL game without a full lineup and as little as 2 human controlled players. In those circumstances, AI will take control of non-human controlled players.

    More info on the beta can be seen at Polygon.
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