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  1. perfect let me know buddy!
  2. Who's in to take part of a friendly EASHL Team. Players: Luc Wolfe
  3. can't wait
  4. i know its a down fall but its still clever!
  5. Hey bud happy to see you back!
  6. yes one life to live might as well be tired all the time but be busy!
  7. Everyone is getting one!
  8. I'm double super busy, 2 kids, plus i'm still acting like one so that's 3 kids, plus I do over time, my wife asks to paint the whole house, plus I install a storage shed, then I need to do some cleaning every weekend is a niece or nephew birthday since my family is expanding I have no time to do stuff for myself.... and I'm really really tired.... back to you Gordon! ....NHL 17 looks promising for a second year in a row too bad i'Ll be to busy!
  9. thanks for the update Sir!
  10. bah as always Ottawa will do nothing at all!
  11. we are stalled but we'll be back active when hockey restarts!
  12. Soon we'll be turning 10 years of existence. We've been busy and quiet but i'm not ready to let go this project down anytime soon. NHL 17 looks more polished and maybe just maybe it will help us grow and be more busy. Like everything life has changed for me getting married having kids, the priority changes. I'm looking for someone who would help me the run the website on a daily basis. Anyway more updates to come with NHL 17! Thanks for the years guys! Luc.
  13. Carey got injured mtl disappeared period
  14. php issue fixed!