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  1. The Offensive side of lucwolfe was exploding last night when he scored 8 goals in 3 different contest, his first game was a 2 goal, his second match of the evening was explosive with 5 goals and his last match ended up in a 3-2 lost in overtime but scored the tying goal with about 2 mins left in the 3rd period. The team blame James Mackenzie for losing their last match, he was a no show... Luc.
  2. Happy Birthday Land!


  3. i get my sens games and if i'm not its because they are in the west when I'm sleeping while they're playing.
  4. bah I just watch it on live tv I pay for my channel, who cares.... ROB CARES!
  5. Current Line - Up As of September 20 ( 10PM) PSN ID name / location EASTERN PLAYERS rommel_the_dog Kyle / east lucwolfe Luc / east giggity74 Chris / east WESTERN PLAYERS Mini-Kangaroo Allen / west supercutescoot Scott / west n00bxQb James / west OnefstK20 Bobby / west
  6. For me it's still to early to commit on a firm decision, I do like it better then NHL 16 and 15.
  7. Team name: Crashers Play by Play : Crease Crashers Club abbreviation : CTnN Club Nickname: Crashers Region : North America Language :English City: Ottawa Club Membership : Private Accepting Members : Yes
  8. then get it!
  9. maybe to give me a chance to hit you harder?
  10. Anyone else?
  11. Some people said the logo made them think it would fit a soccer team due to the shield... I don't mind it as much now, but I think I would of put a blue stripe instead of a gold on the sleeve and center of the jersey, images from
  12. I don't dig this to be quite honest.... what are your thoughts?
  13. Anyone still watching wrestling?
  14. thanks bud! means a lot! I farted!
  15. WOOO!!!!