• Luc Wolfe  05 Nov 11:56 PM
        I clean the Chat box! We were all talking about How great I was, plus you guys wanted to buy me a new car!
    • HailRetroFPS  06 Nov 12:02 AM
        Luc man why u gotta be a sens fan?
    • Luc Wolfe  06 Nov 12:18 AM
    • Luc Wolfe  06 Nov 12:18 AM
        cause if I wasnt a sens fan, there wouldn't be a ctn.... true story!
    • n00bxQb  08 Nov 02:25 AM
        Shinkaruk is amazing. Thanks to Feaster for passing on him. 9 goals, 12 points in 11 games in the A.
    • n00bxQb  08 Nov 03:10 AM
        Scotch, what's going on down there in Cali tonight? Planes diverted from LAX, secret military action, claims of meteors and/or UFOs
    • Luc Wolfe  08 Nov 03:24 AM
    • ScotchJAWZ  08 Nov 07:15 AM
        No UFOs, just the Sharks blowing their wad early again this season. It could be seen leaving Earth's atmosphere tonight. Sharks are now offensively impotent for the remainder of the year.
    • ScotchJAWZ  08 Nov 07:19 AM
    • ScotchJAWZ  09 Nov 06:43 AM
        Fallout 4 preloaded! Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry up, 9:00pm tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • ScotchJAWZ  09 Nov 06:46 AM
        Tempted to Aussie VPN this fatboy @ 3:00am...
    • MartindalexC  09 Nov 02:57 PM
        So I've made the transition to a standing desk, lord help me...
    • MartindalexC  09 Nov 03:19 PM
        Gonna go to the midnight release for FO4 I think, don't think it'll be that 'amazing' since it's bethesda actually developing it and not Obsidian, but it should be pretty good
    • MartindalexC  09 Nov 03:22 PM
        And if you're gonna vpn it, why not go all out and change it to NZ
    • ScotchJAWZ  09 Nov 09:38 PM
        Boooo! Fallout 3 > New Vegas
    • MartindalexC  09 Nov 10:19 PM
    • MartindalexC  11 Nov 12:00 AM
        So scotch what do you think of it? Personally I despise what theyve done with the dialogue and honestly, I'd be hard pressed to say that, purely as an rpg, it is better than NV. As a FPS however it is hands down better than previous fallouts
    • MartindalexC  11 Nov 12:02 AM
        Just really wish they didnt go for the gimmick of a voiced mc, such a dumb thing for an rpg like fallout where its you playing the character and not being based on something else
    • MartindalexC  11 Nov 12:02 AM
        Ala: Witcher 3 and Mass Effect
    • n00bxQb  12 Nov 05:42 AM
        Is it any good on PS4? I'm not really too fond of playing RPGs on console with the exception of GTA (which I still prefer on PC) ... but my PC is almost 5 years old now, so needs a complete overhaul ...
    • MartindalexC  12 Nov 09:06 AM
        Well it's capped at 30 fps, and I know xb1 gets stuttering while the ps4 edition has issues going down the scope which is hilarious. I don't really like it too much since it's a step away from it's rpg past, but if you're into action it'll be more up your alley
    • ScotchJAWZ  12 Nov 11:49 PM
        Plays great on PS4... Haven't had any framerate problems. But i also never had any issues with TW3, and read hundreds of complaints in regards to performance. Only issues i had with the TW3 were a bugged achievement from the 1st expansion, and DLC quest (game related stuff that will span all platforms).
    • ScotchJAWZ  12 Nov 11:56 PM
        Loving FO4 on my console. The crafting and settlement building is fucking awesome! I've been doing nothing but foraging for junk on the big screen, and building on remote play. Game is going to be a massive time sink.
    • ScotchJAWZ  13 Nov 12:00 AM
        Presentation, sound, music, voice acting are all top notch. Agree with dialogue being a step in the wrong direction (Bioware). I might like it if developers would shell out for voice acting, and offer a selection of 10 different voices.s.
    • ScotchJAWZ  13 Nov 12:11 AM
        But, man.... My first settlement is a fortress! Been leveling nothing but perks needed for crafting. Sanctuary has high walls with defense turrets all around its border, and a caste in the middle. Playing on survival... getting detroyed every time i venture into the wasteland.
    • HailRetroFPS  13 Nov 04:54 AM
        Scotch, nerd.....
    • HailRetroFPS  13 Nov 04:55 AM
        jk ;p
    • HailRetroFPS  13 Nov 05:36 AM
        Has anybody ever played the game Devil May Cry 4? I'm in the middle of playing through it as I finally have the time and now I find it to be very fun but sometimes hard, depending on what difficulty you play on.
    • Luc Wolfe  14 Nov 02:34 AM
        i don't play zombie games, i get scared.... and yell like a little girl... true story
    • kenucksKLE  17 Nov 06:44 PM
        NHL needs to bring back GMC lol.. it brought drama but it brought traffic to the site... after playing a few games.. the game is ok for me. drop in team play is pretty fun but this could be the last nhl game i buy in a while.. thank god i waited for the used game though
    • Luc Wolfe  18 Nov 01:26 AM
        yeah site is slow and I haven't been on it seems if i'm not on it, no one is... I'm working in my basement.... lots of work...
    • msnhockey  19 Nov 06:35 AM
        If I could have fixed for you I would have
    • n00bxQb  19 Nov 01:31 PM
        Canucks playing like the Oilers circa 2009-2014 ... Somehow still in a playoff spot ...
    • Luc Wolfe  20 Nov 09:14 PM
        Ottawa isn't far from Vancouver....
    • n00bxQb  21 Nov 08:09 PM
        This is like Torts era all over again. Except this time it's because the players keep making stupid decisions
    • n00bxQb  21 Nov 08:10 PM
        As opposed to Torts who refused to allow any sort of creativity whatsoever. Result is the same, though.
    • n00bxQb  22 Nov 06:26 AM
        Yay, Sedins win
    • MartindalexC  22 Nov 11:01 AM
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    • Victory Hockey League: A Fun Sim League
      Sorry, dude. I posted this topic and completely forgot about it. I'll definitely tell people about WSHL over there. I don't necessarily think that the VHL will take any members away from the WSHL, though. They're different kinds of sim leagues. Ones run under a sim that you can watch, and they both have completely different player growth. VHL is more written article based as well, with even graphics giving you points to spend on your player. Both leagues are fun in their own ways.
    • NHL 16 update 1.04
      NHL 16 patch 1.04 is available now for Xbox One (2.1GB) and PlayStation 4 (2.3GB), providing fixes for gameplay, Be A Pro, Be A GM, presentation and much more.

      Check out all of the details below, taken from the PlayStation 4 NHL 16 Update History.

      EASHL Club Challenges Select Club Challenge dressing room and search for the team you wish to challenge. When both teams are ready to play, send the challenge and start your game. The game will only count towards your Pro's Player Badges progression and personal stats. EASHL AI Goalies AI goalie attributes will be lowered in the situation where a player controlled goalie drops from game to be fair for the other team Gameplay Tuner Download Update When a new Gameplay Tuner is available to download it will show up in the NHL 16 main menu. Note from Millennium - Settings still only show V1.00 or Latest for tuner selections Gameplay Increased the chance of a trip when spamming pokecheck from behind the puck carrier Added ability for players to lose speed the more they spam pokecheck Tuned down the ability for players to perform defensive deflections behind them Pokechecks will now only connect with strength on the way out, not on the sticks return back to the player Addressed issue where the AI player would be able to get a full powered pass without powering up first after a User called for a pass The AI will no longer auto pass when a Player does a manual windup for a show outside of the offensive zone Increased the effect of the pass reception slider in the gameplay setting Addressed issue where the gosalie Butterfly Sliders weren't overriding Precision Motion Addressed issue where some players would be stuck in goalie control after making a pass as a goalie Added butterfly slides out of both VH and Hug Post to make it easier to slide across out of those positions User controlled goalie will now face the puck earlier as it is carried towards them Goalies now receive the puck more cleanly with their stick from a standing position Addressed issue where a goalie would sometimes get stuck sliding in the butterfly Pucks can no longer be chopped if the stick goes through the goalie first so that they behave the same as pokechecks Fixed issues where AI players wouldn't avoid their own net properly with the puck Fixed issue where User players would sometimes be stuck on the bench while an AI player played for them after situations where they served a penalty Added more conditions in goalie interference logic to increase accuracy to the calls for both allowed and disallowed goals Fixed the button callout for accepting fights when using Hybrid controls Added ability for Precision Skating to trigger at lower speeds Fixed issues with the True Broadcast camera pan direction in Shootouts Weakside AI defender won't look to hit the puck carrier when they are outside the slot AI will look for hits during in-zone defense even if they don't have a great angle. This will allow AI players to bump a player off the puck even when the puck carrier has their back to them Fixed issue where shot accuracy was too high on hardcore gamestyle when spinning around before taking a slapshot Fixed issue where in some cases, the AI goalie wouldn't track the showing position properly when a player was rolling the puck back before shooting in a shootout scenario Be A Pro Increased the likelihood of being drafted if the user starts in the CHL Enabled the user to switch between Classic and Authentic styles after entering the mode Decreased the likelihood of the game switching between Classic and Authentic automatically Players will not get penalized for long shifts until 10 seconds after they are called to the bench Coaching Feedback and On-Ice Trainer On-Ice Trainer visualizations will now show up for both teams if there are local users on both the home and away teams Feedback hints can now be shown when Control hints are disabled Coaching Feedback - Classic BAP players will not lose excessive Endurance experience for long shifts Coaching Feedback - Fix for some coaching instructions not clearing quickly enough Coaching Feedback - Defensive letter grades now accumulate correctly in EASHL Coaching Feedback - Tie-ups and stick lifts from faceoff grip positions were not counting as using that grip in coaching feedback Coaching Feedback - Deflections no longer awarded to defensive players blocking shots Coaching Feedback - Blocked shots that hit sticks no longer count as blocked passes if there was a recent pass Coaching Feedback - Shot blocks now count if they hit your stick Be A GM Decreased amount of Team and Player meetings that occur during a season Decreased the amount of points an average defenseman gets during a sim Added a setting to Disable Team and Player Meetings Decreased the impact of team chemistry on the sim engine Presentation Added the Moncton Wildcats 3rd Jersey Added the Frolunda Indians Home and Away Jerseys Added the Providence Bruins 3rd Jersey Added the Nashville Predators Golden Alternate Jersey Added the New York Islanders 3rd Jersey Added the Hershey Bears 3rd Jersey Added the Texas Stars Home and Away jerseys Added the Wilkes Barre Penguins 3rd Jersey Improvements for Grand Rapids Home and Away Name plate bar fix Improvements for Kamloops Blazers Home and Away number color fixes, "C/A" placement fix Fix the Montreal Canadiens Home jersey eyelet and collar lace Updated various center ice designs for authenticity Updated various goal horns and goal song timing for authenticity Added 15 female heads to create player selection Equipment - Added Brian's Sub Zero 3 Goalie pads, blocker and trapper Equipment - Added Vaughn Vintage Goalie pads, blocker and trapper Equipment - Added Ventus LT98 Goalie pads, blocker and trapper Equipment - Added CCM 4-Roll Pro III glove    
    • 3 Things Ottawa Senators needs to be successful!
      A top 3 forward. A top 4 defenseman. A new owner willing to spend!
    • WSHL - S2 Playoffs - Norrkoping @ Airdrie - game 5
      Wow now that tops off the season for those guys
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